Understanding Fear: How to Create Certainty During Times of Crisis — Adam C. Hall

Adam C. Hall
2 min readApr 27, 2020

How can we get past COVID-19? Who and what will win?

The Golden Principal Says,

If you can anticipate, you can avoid. If you can avoid, you can live longer.

To live and thrive during these times of monumental earth changes we must invoke the vast power and deep truth of our shared humanity. How can you do this and at the same time participate in the emerging new earth?

Knowledge is power. When you know what fear is or isn’t you will acquire the ability to disempower it. As a matter of fact, when you shift your perspective on fear, you will gain more power to fulfill your life’s purpose and mission. When you create certainty, you find safety. When you are safe you can adapt and thrive during times of great earth changes.

When you understand the dynamics of fear, you will be able to disable its ability to terrorize the mind. And as a result, this will reduce the levels of stress in the body. And in turn, you will unleash your genius to create your ultimate life.

The Corona Virus offers us an opportunity of a lifetime to radically shift from fear to love and from lack to wealth.

“Those with a spiritual ballast will navigate the seas of monumental change by knowing their purpose and mission, and joining with others to create the new earth.”

-Adam C. Hall

In this video, I am going to share three things you can do to unlock the grip of fear and get beyond the chaos and uncertainty of this time.

One critical insight to get beyond COVID 19.

1. You will gain an understanding of what fear is and what you can do with it.

One effective technique to dispel Fear and boost your Immune System

2. You will learn a technique that will rid your body of fear and boost your immune system and up your vitality.

One piece of inside information: Who wins? You will want to be on the winning side.

3. And lastly, this video will reveal who and what wins the upcoming game of Life. If you turn fear into an unstoppable force in your life, you will be on the winning team.

Sending you health, blessings, peace, and love,


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