The Abundance Equation: Key To Peace, Joy, Wellness, And Wealth

Adam C. Hall
3 min readJan 6, 2022

We can explain abundance as being content with an experience of ease and flow in everything. It is a state of mind or a feeling of having enough and complete satisfaction such that you desire nothing anymore.

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” — Wayne Dyer

Abundance is a state of existence. In fact, we are naturally abundant. Since you’re a part of the Quantum Field, which is an abundant source of energy, you too are quantum and abundant. The problem? We all forget this truth. I am here to help you unlearn your feelings of lack and relearn your abundance AND in the process, remember your authentic Self.

Contrary to the general perception of abundance, it is not only about material things or wealth. It’s also about wellness, love, joy, and peace in life. When you are abundant, you’re giving, grateful, and compassionate. You share your joy. You connect with the Quantum Field and gain the wisdom that the more you give, the more joyful you will become.

“If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.” — Mark Twain

I invite you to think of your life journey as a quest to know your authentic Self, aka your abundant Self. As we get older, we gain more understanding and information about how life works and how we can grow to become wiser, healthier, abundant, peaceful, loving, and joyful.

Keep in mind that the authentic Self seeks the radical truth. Many of us struggle to find our deeper purpose and mission because we get stuck with information, understanding, and our beliefs, and fear about our abundant potential.

Your journey to abundance starts with learning.

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The Abundance Equation

To make it easy to grasp the process of remembering abundance, I have formulated an abundance equation.

Learning = Information + Understanding

Unlearning = Learning — Beliefs

Relearning = Unlearning + Rethinking

Deep Learning = Relearning + higher-order thinking

Knowledge = Deep Learning + Experience

Wisdom = Knowledge + Insight

Abundance = Wisdom + Realization + Giving

The quest for abundance starts with learning. However, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of unlearning first. You then go through the process of relearning, deep learning, acquiring knowledge, and wisdom. It is then that you can un-become the self that lacks and become quantum and abundant.

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True Wealth

“Being truly wealthy means becoming the artist of your own consciousness.” ~ from Divine Genius-The Unlearning Curve by Adam C. Hall

Your abundant nature has infinite potential. It creates Quantum Wealth and wellness.

Quantum Wealth is the integration of our outer wealth, which is money, material, and belongings, with our inner wealth and wellness, including peace, love, and joy. The outer wealth is limited without inner wealth, but you need to start with the latter to first connect with the Quantum Field. Once connected, you can create outer wealth as you desire and develop immense true wealth beyond your imagination.

8 Steps to Connect with the Universe (Quantum Field)

You’ve to learn to realign yourself with your Divine Genius by living in harmony with nature, creating goodwill for others by giving, and making peace your priority. You’re on your way to develop your inner portfolio that comprises safety and certainty, cause and visions, work and expansion, relationships and intimacy, and wholeness and unity.

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Being Quantum — Genius Process for Abundance

We all go through the process of learning in various ways. The first step to unlearning lack begins in the ego-mindset that creates the thoughts and feelings of separation — the separation of Genius Mind aka our authentic Self from the Divine Genius aka Quantum Field.

I have developed the Genius Process, a time-tested method for unlearning the ego. This simple 5-step process will help you begin to unlearn the one problem that creates all problems and find the one solution to create unlimited abundance.

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Your Journey to Genius and Quantum Wealth begins now. Are you ready?

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