The 3 Irrefutable Laws that Can Change the World

Adam C. Hall
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How Business and You will determine the Fate of Humanity

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Today’s world is ever-changing, confronted with many challenges like war, climate change, pandemics, economic challenges, political and cultural differences, and other daunting challenges. It has reached a crisis point in many ways, seen and unseen.

Business can help make a profound and lasting impact at such times. In order for a business to help build a better world, it must function in accordance with the laws of nature. Each of us are being invited to do the same by developing our spiritual truth.

The Three Laws of Nature that Businesses Can Adopt

Nature is a dynamic and well-ordered system that is governed by its own laws. We can take a page from nature’s playbook. Let us take a look at how it rebounds, self-sustains, and evolves to overcome the existential crisis and how business can do the same.

1) Create a regenerative culture

Regeneration is the process of growing anew. New plants replace the dead ones in nature, and certain organisms regrow their body parts.

We function on beliefs and ideas that serve the past but do not foster a prosperous future. We must let go of such obstacles in business and create a regenerative culture to retain and maximize employee productivity and wellness. With over 40 million people leaving their jobs in 2021 in the US alone, a regenerative culture may be the key to building and maintaining a successful business in the future.

2) Incorporate the law of symbiosis

Symbiosis is a close, long-term association and cooperation. Everything in nature is symbiotic. Evolutionary interactions or relationships between organisms influence their ecological dynamics and evolutionary processes.

Similarly, business leaders should work in collaboration for the betterment of all shareholders and stockholders. They should work in reciprocity with other planetary steward companies to build a better world that exists symbiotically with Mother Nature. This should also include how B2B can work together to ensure a win-win.

3) Utilize the elements of nature

Everything in nature is either solid, liquid, or gas and transforms itself from one state of matter to another. These states of matter are based on the elements of earth, water, fire, and air that nature utilizes to create a balanced and harmonious system.

Businesses can also metaphorically utilize these elements to create a regenerative and symbiotic thriving business culture that fosters innovation, retention, and harmony.

For example, if the current business culture is experiencing tremendous stress, the leadership can utilize the element of water to reduce the heat and soothe the environment. A way to do this is by hosting meetings near a lake, ocean, or fountain in the company quad.

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The Three Individual Spiritual Laws that You Can Incorporate to Change the World

Each of us has a responsibility to do our part to make the world a better place. One way we can contribute is to dedicate ourselves to being the best human possible. To do this, we must develop our spiritual and conscious aspects of ourselves. Seek not to change the world; seek to change your mind about the world. When you change your mind about the world, you change the world paradoxically.

1) Be radically honest

Individually, it is imperative for each one of us to be radically honest during these times. It will help to build authentic connections with others. It is all about being true to yourself and others by favoring truth always and avoiding lies in their varied forms. Being transparent and honest actually helps you manifest the people and resources we need to live abundantly.

Also, being truthful in our thoughts, words, and actions leads to a fuller life. If we all become radically honest, it is easier to overcome our challenges.

2) Practice the law of attraction

One of the essential tenets of the Law of Attraction (LoA) states that giving is receiving. The unspoken secret of LoA to manifest life is serving something greater than yourself.

Giving and serving not only uplifts you spiritually and makes you feel better, but it also helps lower your stress levels, makes you feel healthy, and leads to greater joy and satisfaction.

3) Take radical responsibility

The outside picture is a reflection of your inward condition. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to foster wellness to all.

You have to take personal responsibility to permeate goodness, wellness, joyfulness, and positivity by regulating your heart and mind. Your individual efforts favorably influence your family and community at large.

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3 Secrets to Prosper in the Changing World

It is about joining forces and multiplying the positive energies to bring about a favorable change. We personally and together with others can face adversities and overcome the challenges to create a prosperous world.

1) Become a collaborator

Invite or join others in activities that help co-create a better world. Indulging in environmental-friendly drives and pursuing practices for best ecological development is a collaboration with Mother Nature. Alternatively, choose an organization that you want to support and get involved with.

2) Engage with positive people

Seek the company of like-minded people in service to something greater than themselves. Participate and engage with people that foster your wellness and sense of joy.

3) Know your mission

Learn about the purpose of your life by diving into the depth of your own self. Your mission is to serve the greater good and fulfill it at all costs. You accomplish it by living from the inside out.

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