Terminal Joyfulness: Impossible?

Adam C. Hall
4 min readJun 8, 2022

Removing these five obstacles can help you cure Burnout Stress Dis-ease Disorder (BSDD) and unleash Joy.

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Terminal joyfulness is not only possible, but it’s yours for the asking right now. We all undergo burnout in our professional lives. Disruption in relationships and stress in our personal lives have seemingly become daily occurrences. When these disturbances unbalance our inner peace, we create the conditions for Burnout Stress Dis-ease Disorder (BSDD) to gain a foothold in our biological, physiological, and emotional life. We become more pessimistic and terminally serious. We stop enjoying our lives. Disease sets in.

The thoughts and perceptions created by the “serious” ego-mind make the conditions for BSDD to flourish. How can we cure BSDD? We can do that by activating our “joyous” Genius mind and inducing joyfulness in all aspects of our life.

Joyfulness is the unrestricted flow of bliss in your life. However, our ego-mind gets in the way of enjoying bliss and tosses us into seriousness. It creates obstacles in our efforts to access our Genius mind, which is the source of joyfulness.

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5 Obstacles that Stand in the Way of Terminal Joyfulness

Our ego-mind stands in our way to be terminally joyful. The ego-mind is insecure and foresees it as an existential crisis if we try to seek ways to be joyous. It creates obstacles in our path to bringing real happiness to our life. It always separates the problem from the solution. I call this “if I only had” syndrome; if I only had more money, a relationship, and so on.

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Here are the five steps of barriers created by our ego-mind that push us into BSDD.


We can’t get out of our way.

We identify ourselves with our ego and take all measures to protect it. The ego-mind treads the path of being terminally serious and resists joyfulness. Our identity gets in our way of being terminally joyful. The hardest step is to undo this damage and stop identifying ourselves with our “serious” ego-mind. This is the old story. I offer a process called unlearn that will expedite removing all obstacles.

Conversely, if we identify ourselves with the “joyous” Genius mind, we write a new story.

Strongest Desire

We don’t want to be terminally joyful. Seriously!

We want to be fun-loving, playful, easy-going, and peaceful. But we cannot fulfill this intention because we do not want to give up the old story of the serious ego-mind. The ego-mind doesn’t want to be joyous because it would have to give up the seriousness. Your ego-mind holds on to your victim story and exercises control. This ensures seriousness. I know; I am an ex-control freak.

Strongest Attraction

We believe that we’re just this body….what else is there?

We’re attracted to our bodies, and that’s okay. But when we associate it with the old story of the ego-mind, it focuses only on the body. It doesn’t want us to believe that we are the spirit. Identification exclusively with the body brings miseries, whereas our spiritual nature opens up the gates to joyfulness. We develop an understanding that we’re more than just the body.

Strongest Intention

We want to die….really!

Our ego-mind identifies itself with the body. The journey of the ego-mind ends with the death of the body. The powerful ego-mind makes us believe that death is the ultimate destination and makes us live through the pain. The ego-mind makes us believe that death is the way for us to relieve the miseries of life.

Greatest Fear

We fear we’ll become non-existent….annihilation of our ego happens.

The intrinsic nature of our ego-mind is seriousness. Joyfulness is an immediate threat to the ego-mind because it can’t exist without being serious. Our ego-mind will thwart any attempt to be joyous to secure its existence. As long as we identify with the old story of ego-mind, we cannot achieve terminal joyfulness.

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The New Story

Are you ready to write a new joyful story?

The number one reason terminal joyfulness remains so darn elusive is that we don’t want to give up the old story. We cannot cure our BSDD because we helplessly cling to seriousness. The only thing that prevents us from experiencing terminal joyfulness is our ego-mind.

We need to build a bridge between the old story of seriousness and the new story of joyfulness. I offer a free course that will help you discover your Genius mind and embrace the new story of terminal joyfulness in your life.

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