Terminal Joyfulness: Impossible?

Man kneeling down with head buried in the Earth.

5 Obstacles that Stand in the Way of Terminal Joyfulness

Our ego-mind stands in our way to be terminally joyful. The ego-mind is insecure and foresees it as an existential crisis if we try to seek ways to be joyous. It creates obstacles in our path to bringing real happiness to our life. It always separates the problem from the solution. I call this “if I only had” syndrome; if I only had more money, a relationship, and so on.


We can’t get out of our way.

Strongest Desire

We don’t want to be terminally joyful. Seriously!

Strongest Attraction

We believe that we’re just this body….what else is there?

Strongest Intention

We want to die….really!

Greatest Fear

We fear we’ll become non-existent….annihilation of our ego happens.

The New Story

Are you ready to write a new joyful story?



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Adam C. Hall

Adam C. Hall


My mission in life is to help change a billion minds about how we do business and our relationship with ourselves, each other and the planet. Adamhall.solutions