Reimagining the Future by Unlearning the Past: Discover Your New Story that will Change Everything

Adam C. Hall
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Have you ever thought you need a magic wand to change your life? No magic is required; simply changing your story will do the trick. What is your present story? If you carefully observe, you will find that your present story is based on your past experiences and learning. Upon deeper reflection, you will realize that most of your past learning is counterproductive in manifesting a promising future and joyful present. When you make this discovery, you become aware of the importance of unlearning your past and living fully in the present.

What’s the Difference Between Existing in the Past, Living in the Present, and Desiring a Future?

Ironically, instead of living in the present, we primarily exist in the past or desire the future. Check out my last article, “How to find your Genius — It’s right in front of your heart,” in it, I share that while living in the past, you’re bound to get stuck in it.

On the other hand, if you think living in the future will help manifest a better tomorrow, you are mistaken. Why? Because you desire a future based on your past experiences, you project an idea of your future Self from the past that eventually leads to suffering. Conclusively, living in the past or the future will not help change your life for the better.

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Why Live in the Present?

Living in the present helps us to realize our unlimited potential and power. As you release your past fears and let go of the miseries of life, you experience joy and feel liberated to reimagine the future, not simply desire it. I found that living in the past or future is exhausting. When I am in the present, it is effortless. The Course in Miracles refers to this as ‘you need do nothing.’

“Every period of humanity fulfills a purpose, and the coming era requires a new story that helps all humans realize and activate their Divine Genius.” ~ From Divine Genius-The Unlearning Curve by Adam C. Hall

Discovering Your New Story

To live in the present, you need to change your story. Your present limiting story is the old story; unlearning it requires vigilance to pay attention to your thoughts and actions. I suggest you write them down. When I wrote my first book, The EarthKeeper, Undeveloping the Future, I shared the old story and how it began to disappear, and the new story appeared. The old story emanates from a place of fear and separation, a fated life. Whereas the new story is told from the heart and helps evolve your destiny. Here’s an overview of how you can begin to change your story:

1) Live in the present moment and listen to your inner voice coming from the depths of your heart. Surrender yourself to the emotions that emerge from your authentic Self deep down in your heart and soul.

2) The inner voice speaks for the authentic Self. You should act upon the inner voice, which will reveal your True Purpose in Life and your authentic Self.

3) Your authentic Self sets free your genius Mind.

“Storytelling in and of itself releases and expands the Divine light and love that shines through each of us. It’s uniquely personal and necessary for a storyteller’s own growth.” ~ From Divine Genius-The Unlearning Curve by Adam C. Hall

Evolutionary Storytelling

Do you want to become a person of destiny? If you learn Evolutionary Vibrational Storytelling by unlearning the old story, you will co-create a destined future. Evolutionary Stories attune your energetic and light body, mind, and soul to transmit a vibration that influences and impacts people’s hearts, heads, and souls.

Ultimately, the kind of life you live depends on the choices you make. At some point, you have to choose between the old ego story or the new authentic story. If you choose the latter, you will find your unlimited potential and experience an extraordinary life.

When I was under the influence of the ego, the old story created chaos and conflict. It is difficult to change but worth it, and that’s an understatement. I am here to help guide you in your journey of liberation and actualize your full potential. In the Divine Genius, I share a step-by-step process to accomplish that in short order.

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