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The success of any business largely depends on its employees and the environment. Happy employees working in a positive business culture will be more productive, hence, bring more profits to the organization. It is as simple as that.

The highlights of happy business culture are: respect for differences, kindness and empathy for others, and a collaborative spirit among the employees.

However, when the business culture is marred with negative aspects like competition, judgment, and narcissism, it results in fallout among the employees leading to disputes, rivalry, and even acts of violence that adversely impact the business.

You can help create a healthy business culture by promoting the values of forgiveness and tolerance in your business setting.

What is Forgiveness

Quoting from my book “ Divine Genius “, the dictionary meaning of forgiveness is, “a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you.” True forgiving is giving compassion and acceptance for all of us, for oneness. You achieve it by disempowering your ego and reawakening the Genius Mind, your authentic self.

True forgiveness will help you let go of all things and people that have harmed you. It will help you move beyond the dysfunctional ego to a state of compassion, cooperation, love, peace, and prosperity.

How to Apply Forgiveness in a Workplace

The first step is to understand the ego-mind and the Genius Mind. The ego-mind makes you believe that you are separate from others, creates differences, makes you judgmental, and selfish. Whereas, your Genius Mind, which is your authentic self, believes in oneness, similarities, and togetherness.

Your ego mind makes you unforgiving and unrelenting. However, as you realize and become your true authentic self, you personify compassion and forgiveness. You can use my Genius Process to awaken your Genius Mind and become a quantum leader or Genius Leader.

A Genius Leader strives to serve the greater good of the company, employees, customers, society, and the planet. Such a leader cares for all without being biased or differentiating between the various parts of the whole organization. If the employees experience their quantum self, they lead from their heart and not just the head to become more sensitive, caring, compassionate, creating a happier and loving business culture.


3 Tips to Upgrade Happiness at Work

When you are truly happy from the inside, you tend to be forgiving. In a business setting, it means you are more productive, which translates to more profits and progress. Here are some tips you can use to unleash happiness at work.

1. Identify 3 people that you feel have wronged you or you have wronged them. Forgive yourself and them.

We hurt others or feel hurt when we consider ourselves as separate from others. As we cultivate a feeling of oneness, we take a step towards our authentic self, the abode of true happiness. Forgiving yourself and others will help you drop the baggage of guilt and pain to create a conducive and positive atmosphere.

2. Share a happy thought with five people daily at work and home.

You become what you think and act. If you engage yourself in acts of sharing happiness, you invite happiness in your life and work. The more you spread it, the more you benefit. True happiness is liberating because it frees you from the hackles of your ego-mind. Happy individuals are less likely to get into conflicts, be divisive, or hurt each other.

3. Talk about forgiveness.

Buddha said, “To understand everything is to forgive everything.” The only thing you need to understand is that there is oneness with God, with one another, and ourselves. It is only when we forget our Genius and think with our ego mind instead that we can feel harmed by another. But when you activate your Genius, forgiveness becomes your second nature.

When we forgive as defined above, we begin to let go of unhappiness and what remains is happiness. Happy and forgiving employees promote a healthy business culture where there is oneness, mutual love and respect, compassion and empathy for each other, and a cooperative environment that boosts productivity.

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