How to Overcome the Fear of Death and Disease

Adam C. Hall
4 min readFeb 6, 2022

The Secret: Unlearning

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Death ends life, right? All living forms of life in the physical world will come to an end. Even the Sun will die. But are we exclusively a physical form?

We fear death because we identify ourselves with our physical bodies. As long as we do, we’ll be in a perpetual state of death and disease. We live only to die. Have you considered dying consciously in order to live?

However, we are eternal and immortal souls. We are consciousness and spirits in a body. We do not die. When you identify yourself with spirit and the genius Mind, you are in a perpetual state of life and wellness.

“We do not die a physical death, but our egocentric identity dies a psychological death.” — ~ from Divine Genius-The Unlearning Curve by Adam C. Hall

What is Death

Death, in essence, is the gateway to a fuller and real life. When you understand the real meaning of death, you do not fear it. You can die consciously now while being in your physical body and experience infinite love, wellness, and wealth within you. Spiritual Law and the true nature of reality say that the outside picture is a reflection of an inward condition. Therefore, when we identify ourselves as spirits and pure consciousness, we manifest our inward state in the outer world of our everyday lives.

Death is just another experience in our soul’s journey. It is a thought of the ego-mind. The fear of death is an illusion created and nurtured by our ego for its own survival. The real meaning of death is freedom from ego or the death of our egocentric identity. The psychological death of ego unites us with the Divine Genius and makes joy, love, peace, wealth, and wellness our default nature.

The body will eventually die. Along with it, the ego-mind, too, will cease to exist. However, the genius Mind continues to live on because it is authentic. Your aim should be the death of your ego-mind while living in your physical body. Once you discover your genius Mind, you do not fear physical death anymore.

To summarize, death in the ego-mind is an ending, whereas death in the genius Mind is a beginning. The process of overcoming the fear of death starts with unlearning.

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What is Unlearning and Why We Need to Unlearn

Unlearning is the process of discarding the learning from our memory that is incorrect and has become obsolete. Such learning is a result of years of conditioning that hamper our self-growth.

What is the learning that we need to unlearn? We need to unlearn the thought that we are the body and that we are separate from the Divine Genius. Such thoughts and perceptions are the root cause of our sufferings.

When we associate ourselves with the body, we see the world as full of fear. We dread uncertainty, we do not feel safe, we lack wellness, and we fear death.

When we are one with the Divine Genius, we exemplify the Divine qualities and perceive the world of love. We identify ourselves with the Spirit and no longer fear death. Death no longer holds meaning because we’re eternal as spirits. We enjoy wellness and peace that fill our life with happiness.

Unlearning the idea that we are bodies helps us to unlearn death. It helps us move through a life of death and disease to a being full of life and wellness.

Why do we avoid unlearning

The nature of our ego is to consider itself as separate from the Divine Genius. Our ego drives us to believe that we are the body. The mere existence of ego depends on this separatism and identification with the body.

Unlearning does the opposite. It helps us realize that we are not separate and we are not the body. It destroys the foundation of our ego. Our ego, in an act of survival, discourages us from this unlearning.

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The Genius Process on Death

With the help of my angelic guides, I’ve prepared a five-step genius process on death to help overcome the fear of death and disease. It helps to understand the difference between inauthentic and authentic feelings and emotions, so you can choose the authentic emotions and feelings of the genius Mind.

The Genius Process helps you unlearn the old, limiting mindset created by the ego-mind and the false belief that the body and ego-mind are authentic. You will be able to discover your genius Mind and your authentic Self.

You do not have to wait till your last breath to liberate yourself and live an authentic life.

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