How to Overcome the Fear of Death and Disease

A halo in a forest appearing between two curved trees making an arc

What is Death

Death, in essence, is the gateway to a fuller and real life. When you understand the real meaning of death, you do not fear it. You can die consciously now while being in your physical body and experience infinite love, wellness, and wealth within you. Spiritual Law and the true nature of reality say that the outside picture is a reflection of an inward condition. Therefore, when we identify ourselves as spirits and pure consciousness, we manifest our inward state in the outer world of our everyday lives.

What is Unlearning and Why We Need to Unlearn

Unlearning is the process of discarding the learning from our memory that is incorrect and has become obsolete. Such learning is a result of years of conditioning that hamper our self-growth.

Why do we avoid unlearning

The nature of our ego is to consider itself as separate from the Divine Genius. Our ego drives us to believe that we are the body. The mere existence of ego depends on this separatism and identification with the body.

The Genius Process on Death

With the help of my angelic guides, I’ve prepared a five-step genius process on death to help overcome the fear of death and disease. It helps to understand the difference between inauthentic and authentic feelings and emotions, so you can choose the authentic emotions and feelings of the genius Mind.



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Adam C. Hall

Adam C. Hall


My mission in life is to help change a billion minds about how we do business and our relationship with ourselves, each other and the planet.