How to Find Your Genius — It’s Right in Front of Your Heart

Adam C. Hall
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Do you know you have more power than you think, feel, and believe? Most of us don’t because we limit our potential to the belief system(s) we adopted growing up. Take the test below and discover why your genius remains hidden in the past or out of the realm of possibilities in the future. I have included a few key tips on transforming your limiting beliefs into a new story that helps you live a joyful, loving, peaceful, and abundant life.

What is Your Genius?

Your authentic Self is your genius. You can find it within; it is not something you need to learn. You were born with it. It is the source of the unlimited potential and delivers permanent joy, love, health, and wealth in your life. However, we make the mistake of identifying ourselves with our ego, which is the source of all miseries in our life. The subtitle of my latest book, Divine Genius, is The Unlearning Curve. Unlearning your old identity reveals your heart-centered genius.

The ego can be called the false Self. Your past experiences limit your potential and separate you from your authentic Self or genius.

So, where do you find your genius?

Take our Life Assessment to discover the beliefs that limit your potential.

The Power of Your Heart

You can discover the gateway to your genius in your heart. Ancient philosophers called the heart the seat of the soul.

Your heart is more than just a pump. Scientists at the HeartMath Institute share that your heart knows the source of emotional intelligence. Also, that intelligence and intuition are heightened when we learn to listen more deeply to our own hearts. In moments of self-discovery and solving a problem without an external reference, the intuitive realm of the heart reveals an intelligence that is deeper than our normal state. Your heart has healing powers and the power to connect you with your genius and the Quantum Field, the field of infinite potential and possibilities.

“Authentic emotions that stem from the genius Mind come from the heart. They express themselves in your relationships as kindness and compassion. These are aspects of your light and authentic Self.” ~ From Divine Genius-The Unlearning Curve by Adam C. Hall

You can only access the depths of your heart while living in the present. Therefore, finding your genius depends on your story and whether you are living in the present, past, or future’s past.

Your Present Story. Are you living in the past?

We all have a story. As we live through different circumstances and times, we gain different experiences and perspectives. Do you realize that most of the beliefs we nurture in our present story are based on our past limited experiences, other people’s stories, and our lack of awareness of the story we tell ourselves and others?

Take the test. Which of these apply to you? Jot down thoughts, feelings, and answers.

1) Do you often recollect what happened? “If I do this, based on my previous experience, the following things will occur.”

Of course, you need to know certain things will happen that could impact your health and well-being. However, often when you try to create, invent, and grow beyond those past conditions, you stifle yourself by not going to the growth edge and beyond.

2) Do you often see people not for who they are now but for who they were and what they have done?

We want to hold onto our ideal of a person. Perhaps someone lost your trust, and we want the idea of that person back. Conflict awaits when you see others for how you want them to be and not for how they are.

3) Do you feel fear?

Everything is either love or fear, aka a call for love. If you feel fear, you are living in the past. It sounds like an oxymoron, but most of the present stories we are all telling are not present at all. Fear of what happened and might happen resides deep in our subconscious. We are driven by our need to control the outcome, which manifests itself in how we share ourselves.

Your Future Story. Are you Living in the Future’s Past?

Take this test. Jot down thoughts, feelings, and answers.

1) Do you often try to predict an outcome or decide if the result is well before it comes to fruition? Do you need to control every situation?

We do this when we try to define our future based on our judgment from past experiences. Such behavior blocks our ability to open up to the potential of the present and create new opportunities.

2) Do you need to present yourself in any way other than your authentic Self? Perhaps it is by dressing up, speaking in a superior manner, etc.

Everyone has this in their personality. However, when you do this at the expense of how you are right now, it is a projection of the future idea of yourself, which, paradoxically, is your idea of Self from the past. We project our idea of ourselves outward and subsequently perceive what we project in the mirror of our lives.

3) Do you find yourself constantly moving, scheduling, needing something, and so on?

This is a sure sign you are out of the moment and into the future.

Recasting the Past and Mending Your Future: Your New Story of Genius

Your past is loaded with ideas that can help you write, tell, and share your new story. When we take a life event, add feeling, and share it from the heart and gut of intuition, our genius begins to shine. Most of us want to bury the past. However, the past frees us to share our new dream. It can help us to set out for new adventures and discover life’s treasures, including money, love, spaciousness, peace, and the ability to create more.

I also offer a free course to help you find your Genius mind and create your new story. You can live your genius now.

In the next blog, I will help you take these stories in the present moment to tell a new story about yourself and inspire others to greater levels of their genius.

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