How to Discover Your True Purpose
by Learning to Unlearn

Adam C. Hall
3 min readDec 16, 2021

Our only purpose is to find our way back to God by remembering that we never left.” ~ from Divine Genius-The Unlearning Curve by Adam C. Hall

We all have a true purpose in life. It differs from our worldly purpose that is related to career, relationships, or various other things that we do in life.

Our true purpose has nothing to do with what we do. It’s about what we are authentically Being. Once you do that, you will discover your worldly purpose.

Remember, we are not separate from nature, God, others, and even ourselves. Our ego-mind leads us to believe in the thought of separation. If we unlearn our ego-mind, then we discover our authentic Self or the Genius Mind.

When we discover the Genius Mind, we realize that it is the Divine Doer, which is connected to the Divine Genius of the Universe. It does everything by instructing the body and heart to act according to our soul’s true purpose.

You just need to BE the Divine Doer and DO the Diving Doing by virtue of being a Divine Doer, the Genius Mind. Rest everything happens on its own and you do nothing. Your job is to simply get out of the way of the Divine Genius and allow it to create an abundant life full of peace, joy, and love.

What is Unlearning and What Do You Need to Unlearn

Unlearning is basically rooting out the deeply rooted beliefs in our brains as a result of years, decades, or lifetimes of conditioning. These beliefs are the ones that have become obstacles in our path to becoming our authentic Self. When you unlearn these beliefs, your brain rewires itself to learn anew.

The core objective of the ego-mind is to divide and separate all thoughts. Einstein is quoted as saying, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” In order to unlearn the thought of separation created by the ego, you will need to examine the entire thought system of the ego.

Furthermore, you have to unlearn the idea that you are defined by what you do in the world. Remember, it’s about what you are Being in the world.

Thinking stems from the brain. These thoughts can originate from the ego or Genius Mind. Peace, Love, and Joy come from the heart. This is the Way of Genius.

5 Steps to Unlearn the Ego and Discover Your True Purpose

I have developed a time-tested method for unlearning the ego. I call this the Genius Process. This five-step process will help you get beyond the ego-mind and discover your Genius Mind.

Explore the Genius Process

1) Sit quietly and tune into your emotions. Try to observe where in your body you feel them, such as, in the heart, stomach, throat, etc.

2) Listen to your emotions and share them from your heart. Surrender yourself to the emotions that emerge from your authentic Self deep down in your heart and soul.

3) Act from the Heart, which is the place of compassion and forgiveness. The ego will react, whereas the heart will act consciously. This is your authentic Self or True Purpose expressing itself.

4) Listen even more deeply to the inner voice, which will guide you to the innocent, childlike emotions within. Ask it to share your True Purpose.

5) The Inner voice speaks for the authentic Self. Act upon the inner voice only. It will guide you to the True Purpose in life.

My book “Divine Genius — the Unlearning Curve” will take you on a journey to discovering your True Purpose in life so you live a life filled with love, joy, peace, and abundance. The Genius Mind connects us to the Quantum Field, where nothing is impossible.

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May the abundance of the Quantum Field bring you all that you dream of.

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