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How to Co-Create Destiny and Live your Best Life Ever?

“Destiny is not a destination to arrive at; it’s a journey to become your authentic Self and unleash your limitless potential as a genius Mind.” ~ from Divine Genius-The Unlearning Curve by Adam C. Hall

Are you a person of fate or destiny? Many people do not understand the difference between fate and destiny.

Life includes both Fate and Destiny. Fate and Destiny both deal with a predetermined or destined future. Yet, they are not the same.

While fate is fixed and a given, destiny is a variable that you choose and make. You can co-create your own destiny and live your best life ever.

What is Fate

The power or agency that predetermines and orders the course of events is known as fate. We define fate as forces outside of your control that make things happen.

Experience 1 — If you do nothing, you live your life as decided by your fate. In other words, life happens to you. In this experience, you become the victim, perpetrator, or rescuer. This experience judges and finds others guilty. You are the judge and jury. Of course, we are innocent.

Experience 2 — Life happens from you. In other words, you control your life.

What is Destiny

Destiny is defined as your future or the path of your life that you create or define it to be. To fulfill your destiny, you must make the right decisions and choices.

If you make conscious efforts, you can co-create and live your destiny.

Experience 3 — Life happens for you. In other words, everything and everybody you encounter becomes an opportunity to learn and become the best version of yourself.

Experience 4 — Life happens through you. When this occurs, the quantum field and all its abundance penetrate through you. You become a co-creator of your destiny.

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Difference between Fate and Destiny

● Fate is purely predetermined; Destiny depends on your choices.

● Fate is beyond human power or control; Destiny is something that you create by choice.

● Fate pushes us from the past, whereas Destiny pulls us into the future.

● Fate happens to you; Destiny happens through you.

What is Co-Creation

Creating your own destiny along with the Divine Genius is co-creation. When you use your genius Mind, you connect with the quantum field. This is when you can collaborate with the Divine Genius of the Universe to foster co-creation.

How to Live Your Best Life Ever

To live your best life, you should become a co-creator of your destiny. You can do that by becoming a co-creator with the Quantum Field. While you may not be able to decide your fate, you can shape destiny with this one choice.

The changes that you make will affect your destiny in life. Making conscious efforts to show up in your daily life authentically and taking proactive and conscious actions or steps will help change your destiny.

3 Steps to Become a Co-Creator of Destiny

You co-create destiny along with the quantum field by using your genius Mind. When you listen with your heart and align it with your genius Mind you will embrace your destiny.

Step 1: Interconnect your Heart, Mind, and Body

While we may consider ourselves as merely physical bodies, we also have mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. You need to listen and tune in to these bodies and forge a connection. Feel the full experience of what you want to be and merge this vision with your feeling of heart, mind, and body.

Step 2: Connect with the Universe/Quantum Field

The next step is to connect with the Quantum Field, which is the field of all possibilities and full potential. To do that, you have to become still and one with the environment. Read the “8 Steps to Connect with the Universe” on my blog for more information.

As you quiet your mind, you enjoy the present moment and connect with the creative force of the Universe. When you find the stillness in the universal mind and surrender to it, the Divine Genius will find its way into all that you create.

“Your connection to the Divine Genius and your genius Mind builds a bridge between a life based on the past and fate to a life based on the present and Destiny.” ~ from Divine Genius-The Unlearning Curve by Adam C. Hall

Step 3: Follow the Genius Process for Destiny

Why depend on fate when you can change your life with destiny? Empower yourself to enhance the gift of fate and become a co-creator of destiny. To help you do that, I have created a five-step genius process on destiny, which will help you open to the creative force of the Universe.

When you are ready, the Divine Genius will co-create with you as an artist of consciousness to manifest a life of peace, prosperity, and Love. Each of us can co-create the life we want to live.

Do you want to live your best life ever? If yes, then by connecting your genius Mind with the quantum field, everything becomes possible.

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