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Adam C. Hall
3 min readDec 14, 2021


The Power of Unlearning

Paradoxically, unlearning allows the human brain to rewire itself to learn anew. This secret makes way for us to shed the scarcity mentality that invades the vast majority of civilization. After years of study, research, and experience in the school of life, I have come to believe that unlearning holds the key to unlocking human potential.

Unlearning is a process that results in a total transformation. Because we are conditioned through repetitive and imprinted beliefs and traumas, most of us live in the futures’ past.

The complete learning process comprises learning, unlearning, and relearning aka deep learning. If you take out unlearning from this process, you are left with information without knowledge. Wisdom emerges when we complete the learning process. When we have knowledge plus experience, we become wise and abundant.

A little context. Knowing and understanding are different. Sometimes when what we know is not right, we need to relearn. If our understanding is faulty or obsolete, we need to unlearn what we know. Knowledge is not about knowing and understanding. That is information. Knowledge comes from the direct experience of learning, unlearning, and deep learning.

Unlearning can shake the foundation of what and how you think.

Beliefs are deeply rooted in our brains as a result of years of conditioning. They are reinforced by our education, experiences, and overall upbringing. These thoughts and beliefs become obstacles in our efforts to unlearn in order to achieve deeper learning.

How to break long-held beliefs?

Since all the obstacles associated with our unlearning relate to the mind, we need only unlearn the ego-mind. This takes care of everything else. With years of studying and experimentation, I have developed a time-tested method for unlearning the ego, and I call it the Genius Process. This simple 5-step process will help you begin to unlearn all that limits you.

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Why the Need for Unlearning?

When you are stuck with old thoughts and beliefs that make you anxious or unhappy, you need to unlearn them. You have to undergo the process of unlearning if you want to free yourself from the feelings of anger, desperation, loneliness, and general chaos of everyday life or business.

Suffering occurs because of our belief that we are separate from nature, God, others, and even our self. Our ego-mind creates this entire insane thought system of separation. Therefore, we must unlearn the ego-mind. As you unlearn the ego-mind and discover your Genius Mind, you become quantum and feel greater peace, joy, love, and prosperity in your life. Unlearning helps you lead to self-growth, forgiveness, self-compassion, and self-love.

Deep learning happens when you unlearn what you understand and relearn through direct experience. Deep inner learning requires a journey into the unknown aspects of self, which happens when you consciously and unconsciously unlearn the entire thought system of separation. You can become the leader of your life just as leaders in business take their companies to extraordinary heights of success.

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The Power of Unlearning

If something becomes outdated or no longer works, we need to say “NO” to it and unlearn it in order to learn the thing that works. When we unlearn, we begin to see new perspectives and we start to grow.

When you unlearn, you reinvent yourself and recharge with renewed vigor and curiosity. Unlearning is not forgetting — rather it is about choosing better alternatives to make things work better.

Unlearning and relearning are about getting rid of outdated skills and techniques, and equipping yourself with a new Skill Set. These new skills will help empower and transform life as you know it.

I would recommend reading my book “Divine Genius — the Unlearning Curve” to get an in-depth understanding of the power of unlearning and its tremendous potential to transform yourself and your business.


May the power of unlearning help you manifest all that you dream. And may abundance be as common as the air you breathe.

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