Five Secrets to Live your Best Life Now

Adam C. Hall
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You can choose not to commit the error of believing in the thought of separation. No person or thing can take away your power of choice.” ~ From Divine Genius-The Unlearning Curve by Adam C. Hall

The kind of life you live depends on the choices you make. You have two minds — the ego-mind and the genius Mind. The ego controls your ego-mind. Whereas your authentic Self sets free your genius Mind from the ego mind. You have to choose between ego and your authentic Self at any given moment of your life. If you choose the latter, you will experience an extraordinary life.

It’s not easy to make the right choices when you are under the influence of your ego. However, understanding how the ego-mind and the genius Mind work will help you make an informed decision.

Here are the five secrets you need to know, along with practical tips to help you live your best life now. Each will help you understand our need to control and our intention to create an organic flow to life.

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5 Secrets to live a Conscious Lifestyle

When you go through these secrets, you realize that your ego is not your best friend. The ego will not lead you to the right path or destination. Only befriending your authentic Self can deliver permanent joy, love, health, and wealth in life.

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1. The outside picture is a reflection of an inward condition

Our reactions towards things, events, and people reveal our inner state of affairs. If you experience fear around the pandemic, it is a reflection of an inward feeling of being unsafe. Remember, safety does not reside in the outer world; it resides in the authentic Self, also known as the Genius within. If you wish to feel safe and secure, tap into your authentic Self.

Secret #1. If you experience the world so that it makes you angry or frustrated with another person, then know that it is a reflection of fear within yourself. It means you have chosen the ego-mind that reigns through fear.

2. Ideas do not leave their source

When we experience ourselves as separate from Nature, remember that this idea comes from the ego-mind that sees everything as separate. On the contrary, when we are having an experience of oneness with Nature and others, we have an experience from our authentic Self.

Secret #2. Throughout the day, see if you can be aware of judging people for their shortcomings. Judging another person indicates that we are experiencing and seeing from the ego. Practice forgiveness as shared in Divine Genius-The Unlearning Curve

3. Projection makes perception

There is a stark difference between perceiving from the ego-mind and the genius Mind. The perceptual lens of the ego-mind sees everything as separate — we feel separate from others and Nature. Thus, the ego-mind projects everything as separate. Whereas the genius Mind sees everything as one, it projects oneness and unity.

Secret #3. Identify a unique tree and experience it as something beautiful — admire its trunk, flowers, come to an understanding that it provides shade and oxygen. Such an experience makes you feel connected to the tree, and this projection comes from the authentic Self. Whereas, when you project from the ego-mind, the ego does not see the tree first — it decides it is a tree and separate.

4. See things for how they are, not for how you want them to be

We see our life based upon our past life experiences. We live in the future’s past. Our thoughts condition us. There has always been a speculation that we experience about 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. However, a recent study demonstrates that we have about 6,000 new thoughts per day. But the vast majority of other thousands of thoughts are based on past conditions and experiences. Being present, mindful, or even daydreaming brings us into the now.

When we see things from our ego mindset, it sees things for how it wants to be based on past experiences and history. It wants to feel fear, unsafe, be threatened, that we need to hide and not be transparent, and that we need to fight and defend ourselves. Whereas the genius Mind is rigorously honest and is open to seeing things as they really are.

Secret #4. Identify the one person who is the most challenging. Speak to that person and ask them to share their true feelings about their relationship with you. That way, you will see things how they really are, which may be different from what we assume them to be. Taking action from a place of truth and not illusion will change your life for the best immediately.

5. With every decision, you choose love or fear

The ego will always choose fear. Anything that separates ourselves or differentiates ourselves from Nature and others is a fear-based thought. On the other hand, your genius Mind sees things from a mindset of unity and perception of love. Anything that sees oneness in everything and unites all is a love-based thought.

Secret #5. Before you do or say anything, take a moment to reflect on where your thoughts are coming from. If you feel that you have to hide or attack, defend or react, the thought is coming from a place of fear. If you feel safe and filled with love, compassion, and understanding, the thought is coming from a place of love.

When we have fear about doing something in the world, we can stop and reflect on what we know to be our authentic Self. With this simple choice, fear becomes Love.” ~ from Divine Genius-The Unlearning Curve by Adam C. Hall

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