Divination: The Power to Create a Multi-Dimensional Life Experience — Adam C. Hall

According to Wikipedia the word Divination is derived from Latin, “to foresee, to be inspired by God.”…an attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occult, standardized process or ritual…by reading signs, events, or omens through a supernatural agency.

Divination is a nonlinear process of access the totality of who you are in the truest sense of the word. Divination allows your perception to be adjusted like a lens on a camera that zooms in and out. Instead of just looking out into the world in which you live, divination allows you to look inward to gaze at what is occurring on a subconscious level. Why does this matter?

When you understand that who you are in the depths of your being, not just a body, but as a mind and a soul, your entire life experience becomes more peaceful, loving, joyful, and abundant. Divination allows you to think, feel, sense, and intuitively experience a whole new perspective on life.

There are two mindsets of thought:

1)The left brain that processes thoughts in an analytical, rational linear fashion

2) The right brain that processes thought in a more creative, imaginative, circular fashion. Divination is a right-brain function and supports a process that is not about solving problems but about going beyond the problem itself to see it from a whole new perspective. The genius mind thinks and acts from both mindsets and can instantly move from one mindset to another.

There are several tried and true systems of divination that can help you move from one mindset to another. The Kabbalah, Mayan, Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Human Design, and more. Each of them brings forth ancient mysticism from both Eastern and Western traditions. These systems all share a common root in that they are designed to create a multi-dimensional life experience. In our 3D reality, we experience things and others from a purely subjective and objective perspective. In a 5D reality, we can experience life not just from a 3D perspective but from a mind that suspends judgment. And the 5D mind of genius you can be the observer that influences that which you observe. This goes to the heart of quantum theory. The 5D human is a conscious co-creator with evolution itself.

Why Divination?

If you want to live a life a fate then stick with the 3D reality. If you want to become a co-creator of your destiny and fulfill your soul’s calling, then divination can help you to become a 5D human.

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Originally published at https://www.adamhall.solutions on May 15, 2019.



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