Crisis 2022 and Beyond: 5 Tips to Avoid Crises and Navigate the Coming Period of Dangerous Chaos and Great Change

Adam C. Hall
4 min readJan 21, 2022

We have been a witness to an unprecedented biological and psychological crisis in the last couple of years. They created chaos in our lives and changed how we live and work. Soon they may limit where we travel and when we travel. It may require that we change our place of residence. Is there a way we can become immune to these challenging crises?

Yes, you can use these five tips to bulletproof yourself from any disturbing circumstances that you may face in the future.

“For the only safe harbor in this life’s tossing, troubled sea is to refuse to be bothered about what the future will bring and to stand ready and confident, squaring the breast to take without skulking or flinching whatever fortune hurls at us.” ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Letters from a Stoic

1) Practice the Golden Wisdom of the Master Martial Artist

Martial artists believe that external events are not in our control, but our actions and responses towards these external events are what we can control. Here is the golden wisdom that you can follow:

If you can anticipate, you can adapt.

If you can adapt, you can avoid.

If you can avoid, you can not only survive…but thrive.

One of the essential skills to survive is to anticipate and adapt. Whenever the unanticipated or unpredictable happens, be prepared to adapt. Those who can adapt to the change can also recognize and be ready to avoid the pitfalls of the change.

However, the challenges we all face during this time of great Earth changes are not about using the old Darwinian mindset of ego, survival, and reacting. Instead, it is about the new mindset of Genius, thriving and flowing in a way destined by you. When we shift our lens of perception from the ego’s fear-based sight to the genius within the trust and knowing sight, we can thrive. The same logic and wisdom hold true for how we listen. Listen with the heart and all will be well.

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2) Mimic Nature’s Ability to Regenerate

Nature uses its power of regeneration to renew itself and adapt to changes. In this process of growing anew, new plants replace the dead ones, and certain organisms can experience regrowth. We humans can grow new bodies. Every seven years we regenerate our entire biology.

We can take a lesson from Nature and replace our old beliefs and ideas with new ones that help us get rid of the obstacles in our path to grow our Self and our business despite chaos and change.

Everything in Nature works in close operation for the long term. Besides creating a regenerative culture, we can incorporate the principle of symbiosis and work in association with other planetary stewards to build a better world.

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3) Adopt the Principle of Radical Honesty

It is easier to overcome our challenges if each one of us is radically honest. If you are transparent and honest, you can manifest the people and resources to steer you clear of chaos and lead you to an abundant life.

It is all about being true to yourself and being outwardly truthful such that we absolutely avoid lies and see things for how they are, not how we want them to be.

If you see the world through rose-colored glasses, you cannot adapt to the great change and navigate beyond the chaos. Use the world and others to reflect back to you. The life school curriculum is designed for you to learn and unlearn beliefs and default patterns that keep you stuck in survival mode.

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4) Cultivate a Mindset of Abundance

Abundance is a state of existence or mind that makes us feel content. Being abundant, we acquire the infinite potential to develop an inner portfolio that helps us effortlessly sail through change and chaos.

To be abundant, you have to realign yourself with your Divine Genius by living in harmony with Nature. The quest for abundance starts with unlearning the ego-mindset that creates the thoughts and feelings of separation. The mindset that thinks and functions as separate from Nature and others is the mindset that experiences lack and scarcity.

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5) Create Goodwill and Make a Positive Impact

As you remember your authentic Self and realize your abundant nature, you become more compassionate, giving, joyous, and grateful. The more you give, the more you create goodwill for others and prioritize peace.

Businesses can maximize employee productivity and wellness, and as individuals, we can dedicate ourselves to being the best human possible and serve something greater than ourselves.

We can positively impact our community and the world by taking radical responsibility to spread joyfulness, goodness, positivity, and wellness. We can do that by regulating our hearts and mind and collaborating with others to face and overcome the challenges to create a better world.

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