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There are different dimensions of consciousness. 3D consciousness constitutes the body, the mind, and the heart. As 3D Human, you experience these three dimensions in the duality of everyday life.

Add one higher dimension of spirit or the energy body to develop yourself into a 4D human. Though you experience higher consciousness, everything seems separate.

If you yearn to achieve the next level, you connect with the Quantum Field to perceive everything as one and transform yourself into a 5D Genius Human. This is the ultimate stage of consciousness where you can fulfill your wishes, create the life you want, experience pure happiness, and attain success.

You can become a 5D Genius to unleash your greatest potential, defeat fear, embrace genuine capability to be joyous, loving, and peaceful. All you require to do is to understand and incorporate the five essential W’s in your life.

The 5 W’s to Become a 5D Genius

The 5 W’s you need are Quantum Wealth, Quantum Worth, Quantum Wisdom, Quantum Wilding, and the understanding of Quantum Women.

Quantum Wealth

It is maximizing your wealth by integrating your outer wealth of money and material belongings with your inner wealth of abundance, love, joy, and peace. Your outer wealth is simply as valuable as your inner well-being. They are not mutually exclusive.

Together, your inner and outer wealth produces wealth beyond your wildest imagination. You should first focus on your inner wealth portfolio and then build your outer wealth with relative ease.

Quantum Worth

It is the indestructible and indivisible love of self. This forever fountain of self-love springs from within you. It is the love of who you truly are. The bottom line of net worth is only as good as the top line of Self-worth.

Nobody can take away or diminish your greatest wealth of self-acceptance and self-love. These develop into the propelling forces to lead you to a more safe and trusted quantum world.

Quantum Wisdom

It is not about acquiring wisdom, but working with the wisdom you already have. As described in the wisdom teachings of my book Divine Genius, “you can have all the knowledge and truth in the universe, but if you cannot put it to good use in the finite world, then it is merely information.

You discover your innate wisdom by unifying the body, mind, heart, and spirit with the Quantum Field and integrating your knowledge and experience as One. By putting together your quantumness and wisdom, you take your power and productivity to the next level. Without quantum wisdom, you are experiencing merely a small portion of your limitless potential.

Quantum Wilding

It’s about doing what Mother Nature does — “re-wild” ourselves. It is tapping the wilding or the strong yearning from within us to be free of boundaries and limitations in order to rejuvenate ourselves and reconnect with Mother Nature.

You can embrace the wild within you by connecting with the elements of nature and help revive our ecosystem for a profoundly satisfying and replenishing life experience. The wild component of your spirit acts as a catalyst that unlocks your authentic self and serves as your link to Mother Nature.

Quantum Women

It is about the potential of the feminine wisdom that helps connect both men and women with the Quantum Field. Women represent the power of the divine feminine and men too can activate and attune to their feminine power and wisdom within.

The Dalai Lama once said, “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” A quantum woman is a person who claims her authority and extraordinary powers of connection with the Quantum Field and applies her inner knowing to solve everyday issues for the betterment of all. She carries the grace, power, and wisdom to evolve ourselves, and they are the key to the future of humanity.

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Summing Up

You cannot always control what’s happening outside, but you can find a wealthy place within you where you feel safe. You can become a 5D Genius Human and unleash your quantum genius nature to help humanity unleash its greatest potential.

These 5W’s will aid you to transcend your 3D experience to bring together the 5 dimensions of your being and experience your true 5D nature.




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