4 Tips to Cure Terminal Seriousness. Seriously!

Adam C. Hall
4 min readApr 23, 2022
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Burnout and stress propel us into a negative zone. Do you ever feel unmotivated, hopeless, and useless? Perhaps unseen or irrelevant. You seem to run out of gas-you’re overwhelmed, filled with anxiety, and exhausted. Metaphorically, it’s like you’re traversing a boundless desert in blistering heat that makes you exhausted, drained, and fatigued. Your only savior would be an oasis, but you’re filled with such despair and delusion that it becomes difficult to be optimistic, hopelessness sets in.

In such circumstances, we often adopt a stern attitude and develop a habit of seriousness. The solution: Terminal Joyfulness. It magically cures everything.

What would you do to turn around such a situation? While this sounds impossible, you seriously do not have to get so serious about life. If anything: it’s just the opposite.

“Life is much too important to be taken seriously.” ~ Oscar Wilde

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What is Terminal Seriousness

Seriousness is a perception that life is happening to us and that we need to control our lives in order to survive. It helps to counter seriousness by loosening up, relaxing, being creative, and having fun in life.

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It is okay to be serious when it is required. But when you overdo it your mindset and perception turn negative. You become over-precautious and stop taking risks or being creative. Such never-ending seriousness becomes toxic to your life.

How to Cure Terminal Seriousness

As you use light to dispel darkness, use a cooling system to get respite from the heat, and use water to douse the fire, you can use a genius strategy of replacing seriousness with joyfulness to make your life easy and efficient. Here are some free offerings to help inspire a life of terminal joy and end seriousness once and for all.

Difference between Seriousness and Joyfulness

So obvious right? Not exactly. In the playing field of life, you have the option of choosing seriousness or joyfulness. Often we give up this right.

If you choose seriousness, there is no room for joyfulness. In fact, an attitude of seriousness is rigged with a conceptual mindset to control life. The left brain dominates your thoughts and behaviors in this state.

Whereas, if you opt for joyfulness, you still have room for seriousness. A non-conceptual mindset characterizes the state of joyfulness to create rather than control. It is dominated by the right brain, though inclusively integrated with the left brain.

Scientific Reasons to be Joyful

Various chemicals in the brain create various states of our experiences in life- sad or excited, and seriousness or joyfulness.

Whereas elevated levels of cortisol, caused by living in a state of continued stress or extended seriousness, have adverse impacts on our body and mind. It mitigates the effects of our joyful hormones and increases the sad component of life experience. Next time you get a blood test be sure and get a cortisol test.

Being joyful facilitates the production of the joyful-inducing chemicals in our brain and body — they are dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin. They help us feel more happy in life, reduce mental or physical stress, make us more optimistic, help us improve our productivity and overcome burnout.

“Unless and until you reclaim the joyous child within, life will be an endless chase for happiness.” ~ From Divine Genius-The Unlearning Curve by Adam C. Hall

4 Ways Induce Joyfulness in Life And Eliminate Terminal Seriousness

Certain behaviors, practices, and strategies help us incorporate joyfulness into our daily life.

The Magical Child

Invoke your inner child. Here, the inner child refers to your creativity, innocence, and playfulness. Be magical just as you were as a child-be curious and experiment, be adventurous, and make discoveries.

Playfully donning an innocent persona, you escape seriousness and its clutches of control. Instead, you joyfully use your creativity; treat every challenge as an adventure, and think of out-of-the-box solutions.

The Beginner’s Mind

Empty your mind. Like a beginner, empty your mind of any preconceived ideas or presumptions. Such an attitude helps conceive new ideas and flush out stereotyped or stale thoughts that become obstacles to finding a solution.

A pure and still mind is home to good and stable thoughts. Practicing here and now or mindfulness will further help you thwart negative thoughts and favor positive thoughts that promote joyfulness.

The Boundless Heart

Cultivate a giving heart. Being generous helps generate happy hormones within the body. Not only do you do good, but you also feel good. Practice the virtue of giving in your thoughts, behavior, and actions when dealing with people.

Your acts of gratitude and good deeds fill you with positive emotions. The more positive emotions, the more joyfulness you experience.

Oneness of Being

Instill a feeling of interconnectedness. Instead of feeling as separate as strangers, feel the oneness with others as you do with your family. The idea of oneness bridges the gap between people in a relationship and helps develop empathy and a good rapport.

You can cure terminal seriousness by employing ways to experience positive emotions and thoughts, getting adventurous and creative, and embracing oneness.

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